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Members of the media are welcome to contact Vote & Vax for information regarding programs.

Vote & Vax works with innovative leaders in public health. Our experts are available for interviews, public speaking engagements and other discussions to help you learn more about Vote & Vax and influenza prevention.

For media inquires about the Vote & Vax project: .

During past election seasons, Vote & Vax has received extensive nationwide media coverage. Because of Vote & Vax’s community impact and innovative approach to public health, it has been featured in media outlets ranging from local weekly papers to national cable broadcasts.

In earlier election cycles, Vote & Vax received hundreds of national and local media hits, and reached 24 of the top 25 media markets in the United States. Coverage included the Associated Press, CNN,, MSNBC, ABC News Now and NPR. Local news was particularly receptive to this story, yielding more than 200 hits on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS affiliates across the country. Newspaper coverage included the Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Sacramento Bee, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and the New York Daily News.