Vote and Vax

For Clinic Providers

Vote & Vax program is about providing convenient and easy access to potentially life-saving vaccinations. In a broader sense, it is about helping local public health providers lead through innovation.

Our vision is that this innovative, effective strategy will become standard public health practice each and every Election Day. Vote & Vax reinforces local responsiblity and makes a vital contribution to the health of American communities. Vote & Vax is a public health “2-for-one”: it helps protect your community from seasonal flu and builds your agency’s capacity to respond in the event of a public health disaster. The program is a proactive step to safeguard your neighbors and save lives.

Thank you to our partners who participated in the 2008 Vote & Vax project.  Because of your hard work and commitment to serving your community, Vote & Vax delivered 21,434 influenza vaccinations at 331 locations in 42 states and the District of Columbia.  Of those vaccinated through the project, almost half (47.7%) were “new” recipients, meaning that they had eight not received a flu shot in the preceding year or would not ahve otherwise been vaccinated.

We hope you will join us for Vote & Vax 2012.

Getting Started