Vote and Vax

For Election Officials

Election officials are valued partners in Vote & Vax’s effort to provide flu vaccinations to at-risk populations throughout the United States. They are also important collaborators in our efforts to ensure that Vote & Vax clinics are fully in compliance with applicable election laws and regulations.

Over the past ten years, Vote & Vax and its local public health partners have worked successfully with election officials in communities across the country. On Election Day 2012, the program delivered thousands of influenza vaccinations at hundreds of polling places in 42 states and the District of Columbia. Vote & Vax is currently organizing clinics for 2016. We welcome your support.

In 2012, more than 67 percent of adult vaccine recipients at Vote & Vax clinics were in priority groups as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and 47.7 percent were “new” recipients, meaning they had either not received a flu shot in the preceding year or would not have otherwise been vaccinated. Our providers formed strong partnerships with elected officials, and without their support Vote & Vax would not be possible.

As part of the Vote & Vax program, vaccination providers collaborate with election authorities to set up flu clinics inside polling places. In instances where this is not possible, some providers elect to hold their flu clinic a convenient distance from the polling place in full compliance with applicable election laws and regulations.

Vote & Vax clinics are designed to serve the community, and we appreciate the assistance of election authorities in allowing local public health agencies to provide immunization services at polling places whenever possible.