Vote and Vax


Vote & Vax would not be possible without the participation of healthcare providers across the country. These providers successfully vaccinating a wide range of people, many of whom otherwise would not have received a flu shot. Below are actual testimonials from healthcare providers who participated in Vote & Vax 2008.

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“The Vote & Vax pre-implementation teleconference was helpful and the power-point presentation they used to orient the staff to the program was very effective.”

Jennifer Schmidt,
Fairbanks Regional Public Health Center Fairbanks, Alaska

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“Vote & Vax staff’s quick response to our questions turned out to be critical in the eyes of our Elections Authority. I was able to ease their concerns and answer their questions which immediately assisted in bringing them on board.”

Marjorie Poda,
Nursing Division, Summit County Health Department Stow, Ohio

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“Vote & Vax provided great resources. We used the template press release and the Vote and Vax Event Kit with balloons and stickers, which were terrific.”

Mary Withey,
Coordinator of Community Outreach Services, VNA East Inc. Mansfield, CT

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"The Vote and Vax planning materials contained very helpful step-by-step information. The responsiveness of Vote and Vax staff to questions via email was also extremely helpful."

Verna Burnette,
Pittsyviania-Danville Health District, Chatham VA