Vote and Vax

Download “Setting Up a Successful Clinic in Your Community”

Thank you for your interest in Vote & Vax clinics. We hope you decide to participate in a program that will help you deliver flu shots to your community.

Before downloading the Setting Up a Successful Clinic resource guide, please complete this simple online form and acknowledge your agreement to the Vote & Vax operating principles that you must uphold should you choose to host or support a Vote & Vax clinic(s).

  • Vote and Vax Principles of Operation:

    • Agree to work in collaboration with local election authorities and in strict accordance with local election requirements.
    • Agree to abide by all local election authority regulations regarding the placement of activities in proximity to polling places.
    • Agree not to engage in any political activity in connection with operating a Vote & Vax Clinic.
    • Agree that the vaccination program will be carried out by or in cooperation with local public health authorities.
    • Agree that your Vote & Vax clinics must offer flu shots at polling places under the same terms as offered in other flu clinics in the area. That is, Vote & Vax clinic should adhere to the policies that apply at your agency's other community-based clinics. The integrity of the Vote & Vax project depends on assuring politically equitable access to immunization services.
    • Agree not to engage in "get out the vote" activities related to Vote & Vax clinics.
    • Agree to offer vaccinations to persons regardless of whether or not they have voted or are registered to vote.
    * Required Fields. These principles apply to any organization that chooses to host or support a Vote & Vax Clinic(s). Agreeing to these principles does not obligate participation.